We Have Ag Exemption/Exclusion Certification Forms!

The OMWD form is under our "forms" tab and we should have the SFID form up soon!  You will need to know your planted acreage--call us and ask if you don't know it.  We'll also be mailing out your planted acreage early the week of 6/29/15.

If you're in SFID you'll need to show the $1,000 in gross sales or donations, and you'll have to show that you have a backflow device.  Many of our customers may not have a backflow device yet, but we can install them.  SFID will give you some time to get one in---just tell them you are having us install one, and as long as they are installed by the end of summer you will still qualify now for the exemption.

Don't hesitate to call or email with questions.  Remember the irrigation districts need to report to the SWRCB by July 15, so turning in the Exemption/Exclusion certification forms quickly is a must.