Since 2012, SFID has not allowed its customers to enter the County Water Authority's ag water discount rate.  Now entry into this ag water discount rate is closed to new customers.  The least SFID can do for shutting us out of this less expensive water is do what Olivenhain Municipal water does--offer us a district-sponsored ag rate keeping us out of the most expensive tier of water rates.

SFID is now, until the end of January, reviewing their cost of service preparing to raise water rates and go from 3 tiers of water rates to 4 tiers.  The fourth tier will most likely be very expensive.  Now is our opportunity to lobby the SFID Board to get an ag water rate.  If you can go to one of their board meetings and ask for this water rate please attend (check sfidwater.org for board meeting dates).  If you can't attend please email them a letter (again check sfidwater.org for the email address of your board rep).

Together we can accomplish something that has never before been done in SFID--convince the board to develop their own ag water rate to save farmers money.  If every other farmer in San Diego County has access to such an ag water rate, why can't we in SFID?  Call or email me if you need more information.


We Have Ag Exemption/Exclusion Certification Forms!

The OMWD form is under our "forms" tab and we should have the SFID form up soon!  You will need to know your planted acreage--call us and ask if you don't know it.  We'll also be mailing out your planted acreage early the week of 6/29/15.

If you're in SFID you'll need to show the $1,000 in gross sales or donations, and you'll have to show that you have a backflow device.  Many of our customers may not have a backflow device yet, but we can install them.  SFID will give you some time to get one in---just tell them you are having us install one, and as long as they are installed by the end of summer you will still qualify now for the exemption.

Don't hesitate to call or email with questions.  Remember the irrigation districts need to report to the SWRCB by July 15, so turning in the Exemption/Exclusion certification forms quickly is a must.



SFID Approves Ag Water Exemption

Last Thursday morning the SFID voted to approve the Ag exemption from the Governor's water restrictions!!

SFID will create an ag certification form which you can use to certify your operation as ag to be included in the exemption.  As soon as we have it we'll post a copy here so you can download it and return it immediately as SFID has to report all ag exemptions to the State Water Resources Control Board by July 15, 2015.

Stay tuned for more details!!



Ag Is Exempt From Governor's Water Restrictions

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRDCB) has indeed exempted all California agriculture from the Governor's water restrictions IF the local water district chooses to administer the exemption.  OMWD has chosen to administer the ag exemption, and the SFID board will vote at their Thursday June 18th board meeting (beginning at 8:30 am) whether or not to administer the ag exemption in their district.  If you are in the SFID feel free to contact your water district representative to make sure they are in favor of the ag exemption.

Each owner will have to fill out a simple certification application in order to be included in your district's ag exemption.  This certification application will give you instructions on information you must provide to the district to qualify for your ag exemption.  Most likely they will ask for proof of product sales.  We will also try to get a copy of this certification application and make it available to you as well.   The application is time sensitive because the districts have to report their ag exemption total to the SWRCB by July 15, so make sure you return the form in a timely manner.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or email us.